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Soma provides a robust offering of services for our community’s aspiring and new entrepreneurs. We maintain a network of referral sources for a variety of services that can be helpful for businesses at all stages. Additionally, we can provide coaching for aspiring and business owners at all stages to increase their likelihood of success. We identified three stages, each having different needs, as shown below.


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What do we do- Entrepreneurship

1. Idea Stage: This group of individuals has a business idea and has not formed a legal entity. Soma makes their vision into a reality. Our proven process to get entrepreneurs started on the right foot is key. We assist with legal formation, operating agreements, and the development, writing, and refining of business plans.

2. New Business Stage: This group of individuals has formed a legal entity and now needs support with operations and legal compliance. We advise entrepreneurs about tax filing requirements, income and corporate taxes, ownership best practices, required licenses or other filings (depending on industry/size), operations, and leadership. For non-profit businesses, we can advise and assist with grant writing. 

3. Struggling New Business Stage: Individuals in this group have been operating a small business with a net loss for at least 3 consecutive months. In addition to advice, we complete a financial analysis and dive into their operations and processes to identify areas for improvement and make recommendations. Should it be needed, we support our customer by providing contracted administrative support labor from the needed professionals at no or little cost to the business owner. We can also provide ancillary human resource assistance to help with improving employee recruitment, performance, and retention 
Our passion is helping others. There is no greater reward than seeing a small business owner achieve one win after another. 

The advcie that I received through Soma Support was incalculable! We were able to align ourselves, organize better, and institute practices that we could not do our own. Soma helped me be a better business owner.

-Small Business Owner, Jaimie Hines

Soma meeting with new businesses

Ready to learn more?

We regularly have classes to discuss the basics of career readiness and debt education. Call and register for our next available opening. Available in small group settings or one on one.