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Some works to educate soon to be graduating, or recently graduated, High School students in crucial employment and life skills including budgeting and investing for future goals, basic software applications, building resumes and mock interviews, college preparation, taxes, impacts of credit, and entrepreneurship.


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What do we do- Education

Soma’s curriculum was developed knowing that young adults are future leaders. Furthering their understanding in these complex areas of finance will help strengthen their futures and the communities in which they work and live.

Starting with our local schools, many of which do not currently offer personal finance education, we offer students a 5-week, interactive course, that is fresh and relevant to today’s economy. During each class, students can earn real money to later deposit in their own bank accounts that we’ve established with the help of our banking partners. 

Each 5-week session is monitored with process surveys for effectiveness; learners’ active involvement; and to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion of participants to be representative of the community. We strive to make financial education available for every student, regardless of barriers. 

Soma was able to prepare me for the real world with knowledge that my high school just didn’t have. I feel so much more prepared for College and ready to start my own business in the near future!

-Soma Graduate, Amy Johnson

Soma's Education Programs

Ready to learn more?

We regularly have classes to discuss the basics of career readiness and debt education. Call and register for our next available opening. Available in small group settings or one on one.