Soma Support

Soma was formed to help combat the economic crisis facing our American society today. Data from multiple sources (i.e., The American Psychological Association, The American Institute of Stress), suggests that much of the stress reported by American adults is attributed to financial crisis and the inability to prepare and adapt to circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which shut down much of the country during 2020, and continues to have effects. Amidst the pandemic, those stress rates rose significantly despite the government’s best efforts to increase available resources. Through our program, customers will learn necessary skills they can apply to their financial habits and how to identify opportunities.

Meet Our Team

Without the right knowledge in your back office, it is even more difficult to succeed. That’s why we’re here. At the same time, our mission is to “support the community’s economic growth by increasing small business success through direct instruction and hands-on learning opportunities…”

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Danielle Nyari

Co-Founder and Vice President

While working full time and raising a family, Danielle graduated with a degree in applied science, business administration. Danielle advanced quickly in the professional world holding key management positions in the manufacturing, service and healthcare industries. Most recently, Danielle directs the accounting and finance functions of multiple organizations as a full-time employee and consultant. She has increased efficiencies and cash flow by improving financial models and hands on involvement with operations. Danielle’s passion to serve others lead her to volunteer in the IRS VITA program and start Soma Support in 2021. 

Danielle has a passion for helping companies and individuals strengthen their finances. She is empowered when she has the opportunity to teach others in her community of financial literacy, credit education, and personal finance.

Key Strengths: Education curriculum development, risk management, fundraising, leadership development and management, project management and coordination, analysis and audits, compliance with federal and state laws

Additional Involvement:

  • Valor Partners, COO
  • DIY Construction, CEO & Owner

Isabel Cochran


Isabel Cochran serves as the board’s Treasurer. She is well versed in accounting practices having worked in auditing, payroll, and financial statement preparation. In addition to her role at Soma, Isabel works at an accounting firm supporting the operations of many small businesses. Isabel brings a diverse skillset with her marketing background and being a talented artist. One would describe her as a jack of all trades. Isabel is highly organized, dedicated, and passionate about using her talents towards the betterment of her community and others. Being a young professional, her insight of the younger generation is extremely valuable to Soma. 

Key Strengths: Cloud storage, Microsoft suite, networking, Google docs, Salesforce, sales, WordPress, auditing, QuickBooks, social media, A/R, A/P, payroll, management of processes, customer service, cognitive ability.

Soma is different from other organizations because our volunteers are in the trenches with these entrepreneurs. We look closely at their operations and perform operational processes like AP, AR, payroll, tax filings, bank reconciliations, budgeting, and forecasting while teaching why we do it, why it is important, and how to do it themselves – the right way. We aren’t solely providing mentorship nor a connected network of resources. Our small group is committed to taking on our clients’ struggles as our own and navigating through the obstacles with them, and teaching them to avoid or handle future challenges.

—Justine Webb